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Are you running a Small to Medium sized business?

Based on over 30 years of IT industry experience, I recognize that you need help getting some things done.  The day-to-day tornado of activity keeps you extremely busy and you can’t find the time or resources to get that next, all important project started, never mind completed.  Let’s discuss how you can take advantage of a short engagement to help get over the hurdles to your continued growth.


How We Can Help

If you need help with:

  • Measuring Your Business’ Performance
  • Checking/Verifying IT Security Vulnerabilities
  • Training Employees for updated knowledge and/or certification

We’ve got solutions.

Vulnerability Scans & Penetration Tests

Make sure you aren’t getting hacked.  Super important in today’s business climate.

Measure Your Business Performance

With over a decade of Business Intelligence development and leadership at large healthcare organizations, we’ve seen many of the problems you face today, and solved them already.  Let us short-circuit your learning curve and turn your data into actionable information as quickly as possible.

IT Training & Certification

Keeping your employees current on best practices and possibly even certified makes sure your business is a safe as possible and moral is kept high.


How We Work With You

Research & Analysis

We work together to define the particular issue(s) you want resolved and create an agreed upon definition of success.

Roadmap Planning

Knowing what needs to be done, we’ll create a road map of how to get there.  This includes work to be performed by both Keith Pelchat Consulting and your organization.

Execute & Monitor

We’ll provide periodic updates (at most weekly) to the project plan to show you progress and raise issues to be addressed.


Business Intelligence – IT Training – IT Vulnerability

All consulting work pricing is negotiated prior to work beginning.  There will never be any surprises.

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